About Riviera F

Talking Heads vs. Modern Talking, Kraftwerk vs. Abba, High Heels vs. Highlights, Euro Boys vs. West-End Girls.

Riviera F was formed by singer Alexa Marlen and guitarist Kairo sin after meeting at a London art college. Sharing a love of bubblegum pop, trashy glamour and impeccable style, they decided to start their own band.

Sound & Vision

With influences such as Pet Shop Boys, Pulp, The Slits, Chic, Sparks, Giorgio Moroder and Roxy Music, Alexa and Kairo wanted to create their own sound. They made their first recordings in Alexa’s bedroom, using a Casio toy keyboard and drum machine. Riviera F’s first ever gig was in fact a Peel Session on the legendary John Peel BBC Radio One show (you can listen to the full session here). Later on came along producers Logan sky, Ian Ritchie and sirenBox, who helped shape up Riviera F’s sound into a combination of electro minimalism with a new-wave edge and an uplifting pop feel. After several incarnations and line-ups (including Taylor Sloane, Nikki Paris, Etienne LeBeau, Logan Sky and Yves Cecil), Riviera F is now Alexa Marlen and Kairo Sin with some good friends joining up now and then.


Riviera F’s debut release was the 5 track International Lover EP. The title track was produced by Duran Duran’s synth legend Nick Rhodes, and the EP was released on Rhodes’ and Stephen Duffy’s label Pop Cult/Tape Modern. Now We’ve Got Europe, Riviera F’s first US single was released on the Miami based label, Kinetic Media. Their debut album Another City Another Plan is out on Riviera F’s own label Germ Free Records.



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Another City Another Plan
Riviera F

Germ Free Records - Released: 2010

Riviera F's 12 track debut album.
"From faux Eastern European fantasies to low rent East London grimness, this is a beautiful, soulful and modern album. The arty mix of influences like Pulp, Pet Shop Boys, Roxy Music, Moroder and Bowie gets it spot on and makes you want to press REPEAT".

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International Lover
Riviera F

Tape Modern/ PopCult - Released: 2004

Produced by Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, this is an irresistible first release, featuring a dangerous mix of analogue synths, 909 beats and thrillingly tense guitars. An electro-fuelled cocktail of stylish, angular pop songs set to trans-Euro disco beats.
Track list: 1. international Lover 2. Information 3. Nothing 4. Girls and Money 5. Another Crash and Burn.

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Now We've Got Europe
Riviera F

Kinetic Media - Released: 2005

Now We’ve Got Europe, Riviera F’s first US single, feels like a "non-stop dark roller-coaster ride through rainy continental city streets".
Track list: 1. Now We've Got Europe 2. Information 3. Now We've Got Europe (Blue Mix).

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